Our Labs


  • Nursing foundation slab
  • Nutrition Lab
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing Lab
  • Community Health Nursing Lab
  • Maternal and Child Health Nursing Lab
  • AV Aids Lab
  • Computer Lab

Nursing Foundation Lab 

This is the basic foundation lab where the students learn basic nursing procedure. This lab is equipped with all the articles, charts and models and manikins etc. needed to practice varieties of procedures.

Nutrition Lab

This lab has all the essential equipment for cooking demonstrations related to a balanced diet for different age groups, types of diet for different disease conditions, and the list of nutrients and also charts related to nutritional deficiencies and treatment


Medical-Surgical Nursing Lab

Well-equipped laboratory with mannequins, that facilitates to improve advanced clinical skills of the students in the field of   Medical-Surgical Nursing. 

Community Lab

This lab is equipped with all the innovative and qualitative materials, models, charts, and flash cards which are required for fieldwork.


This lab has all the essential equipment related to mother and child care. Equipped with advanced working models, charts, instruments through which students can learn and expertise in the field of MCH.

Av aids Lab

The college has got fully equipped AV aids lab with LCD, OHP, TV, Computer, Slide Projector, Tape recorder, DVD, CD’s, Readymade Models and student made Models, Specimens, Flannel board, Puppets, graphical aids for effective teaching programme and for conducting awareness Programmes and health Programmes in hospital and community area.

Computer Lab

The management has provided an exclusive computer lab containing systems with the latest configuration with all the licensed software needed for the lab. We have appointed the most efficient and experienced faculty members to help the students attain insight into computer application and its use for nurses. The lab provides good internet facilities from BSNL leased line internet connection at 36 MBPS. The college has an annual subscription from Dr. NTR University Med net to browse thousands of e-journals and e-books.